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Based in Louisiana but national in scope, for nearly three decades Seal Craft has been efficiently providing custom aluminum window systems to satisfy architectural requirements. Since 1981, Seal Craft has completed more than 4,000 window projects for a diverse group of clients. Located in every state of the union, these projects have ranged from simple single-family dwellings to complex high-rise condominiums, to historic replication projects—some requiring more than 12,000 custom windows.

Our continuity in ownership and management affords consistency in our business practices. We are repeatedly told “—how easy it is to do business with Seal Craft.” Many of our systems and/or accessories were designed for specific owner's project applications. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with owners and/or design professionals. We can provide products that meet today's blend of structural, thermal, acoustical, and aesthetic requirements as demanded by the current market for commercial window systems.

The forty professional window builders are the source of our success. From management through production worker, we bring our resources of energy, talent, and experience together to provide the best commercial window solutions available—at competitive prices and with some of the best lead times.

Currently the company is comprised of forty professional window builders - that's what we call our team members - professionals because that's what we are and because that's how we approach what we do. Both office and factory workers, salary and hourly, administrative and labor; we all have one thing in common - we all enjoy what we do and are committed to excellence. The people who manufacture windows at Seal Craft (the window builders) are the most important workers on our team because it is their dedication to producing a quality product that keeps us in demand with customers. Customer service is not a department here at Seal Craft, it is a way of life; all team members from the person who answers the telephone when you call to the ones who load trucks for shipment are customer service oriented.

The window products that we manufacture here are shipped all over the country and can be found in a multitude of building types. Residential applications include single family residences whose owners want a customized window style or perhaps the comfort and security that can not be obtained through standard residential windows. Windows for Hi-rise buildings include condominium and apartment uses. Our commercial window and architectural window types have been used in hospitals, college dormitories, hotels, military barracks, public schools, HUD apartment complexes, office buildings, churches and historic buildings.

Different building types around the country require various window styles including single hung, double hung, fixed non-operating windows, offset fixed and horizontal sliding windows. Seal Craft also offers many descriptions of accessories which are required for a proper window installation into the various building types that we encounter. Sub frame systems, receptors, closures, sub sills, brick molding, panning and trim options are all available. There are many types of mullions and muntin options to choose from to achieve that certain look and if we do not already have what is needed custom extrusions can be designed specifically for your application.

Applications for various window types include public housing windows which look very much like windows used in private homes but which incorporate heavy duty window frames. Heavy commercial window frames are needed for these uses to ensure that they will withstand high traffic or abuse and still last a long time. Building codes for window installation in coastal regions require that windows be hurricane impact tested. These tests ensure that the windows can withstand large missile impact and small missile impacts as well as cyclic wind pressures. This helps to ensure that the building envelope is not penetrated which can actually save the structure from catastrophic wind damage. Seal Craft accomplishes this by incorporating heavy laminated glass into our insulated glass units to meet this requirement.

Windows for military applications must meet the Federal Government's Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) building code for blast mitigation. This is required for force protection to ensure that the people who serve in our armed forces are not injured by flying glass during bomb blast incidents and can continue to do their jobs. These windows are made from the strongest of window frames, very heavy laminated glass and super strong adhesives.

When historic buildings are renovated the requirement for a custom window design is vital. The National Park Service together with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) can grant substantial tax credits for the renovation of historic buildings as long as guidelines are met. These tax credits range from 10% of redevelopment costs to as much as 25% in some cases. Since windows make up a good portion of a buildings exterior and the original windows have frequently been removed and replaced; the new window design is the key element in obtaining the tax credits. This is usually done by reviewing historic photographs of the building, reviewing similar local architecture of that period and on-site investigations. In general terms the guidelines for obtaining the tax credit require that the sight lines of the replacement window profiles such as meeting rails and muntins be extremely close to the originals. Light patterns and the profile of moldings and trims are also very critical. Seal Craft has the capability to replicate historic profiles and the company has numerous components which have been successfully used in these historic tax credit projects.

Hotel windows are unique in that in many standard hotel constructions there is an independent air conditioning system for each guest room instead of a common HVAC system like might be found in an office building. Hotel guest rooms are heated and cooled by use of a packaged thermal air conditioning (PTAC) unit most of the time the PATC is located directly below the window. The PTAC must get its fresh air supply and also exhaust air through a louver that provides the proper free air flow while resisting water penetration. Seal Craft has developed a unitized window and louver system which is all incorporated into a single mainframe which is available with integral nail fin or equal leg frames. The finished installation has a streamlined look and the louver system is set up to perfectly receive a standard PTAC unit with no need for field fabrication. The Seal Craft hotel window system is available in horizontal sliding and fixed light styles.

All windows manufactured by Seal Craft are available in 10 standard colors and anodized finishes. Our custom color matching capabilities allow for you to select virtually any color to enhance the aesthetics of your building. Paint finishes are available in AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 paint standards. The primary paint type that Seal Craft uses is powder coat paint but wet applied paints are also available. There is also a vast array of glass that can be incorporated into our windows such as LowE glass, laminated glass, insulated glass and tinted glass. Virtually any architectural glass that is on the market today can be glazed into your new windows to meet demands of thermal performance, shading coefficients, U-Values, day lighting, security or aesthetic. Spandrel glass and a wide variety of architectural panels are also available.

No matter what type of building that Seal Craft windows are used in they must always be installed in accordance with our written manufacturer's window installation instructions which include the requirements of the ASTM E-2112 "Installation of Exterior Windows" standard. This is required to ensure that the windows will perform as intended and as tested under the AAMA guidelines. Seal Craft windows have been tested and certified for water penetration resistance, air infiltration, structural performance, hurricane impact, blast mitigation, sound transmission class, forced entry protection and others.

Seal Craft really does enjoy meeting with new clients and obtaining an understanding of what you need and want to do with your building project. Seeing this process through and ensuring that our customers are pleased with a successfully completed window project brings us great satisfaction and we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your next project.

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